Technical Assistance and SLI


IACIT technical assistance services include: 

    • Elaboration of technical assistance plans;
    • Implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance, factory and field;
    • Technical assistance during the warranty period;
    • Support the identification of technical and operational problems in the field;
    • Technical assistance to upgrade and improve equipment and systems installed;
    • Uninstallation and removal of equipment and obsolete or temporary facilities;
    • Field survey and documentation generation from existing facilities;
    • Design and manufacture replacements for discontinued production of parts;
    • Planning and execution of maintenance services type overhaul - Installation of new versions of applications.


IACIT offers Integrated Logistic Support services, in order to meet the logistical needs of its customers, including IACIT's equipment and systems or third parties.

Among the main functions of IACIT program of integrated logistics support, we can relate:

    • Preparation of equipment composition tree and systems;
    • Preparation of information for cataloging logistics items;
    • Studies of reliability and maintainability;
    • Studies logistics and maintenance plans; 
    • Special packaging design;
    • Specification, quantification and supply of spare parts and consumables;
    • Specification, quantification and providing tools and special tools for calibration, testing and maintenance;
    • Packaging, transport, storage and insurance in shifts between manufacturing sites, assembly, installation and operation;
    • Preparation and provision of technical manuals of operation and maintenance;
    • Testing and maintenance;
    • Preparation and supply operation training and maintenance.

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