Research, Development and Innovation

As one of the main players in the technology market, IACIT is in constant motion to offer the best solutions to its customers. To meet this demand, IACIT has, since 2008, relied on its Research, Development & Innovation Engineering Department (EPDI), responsible for developing cutting edge technological solutions.

This expertise is perceived not only by its R&D projects, but also by the certifications achieved by IACIT, including the CMMI certification (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Maturity Level 3 for version 2.0, which attests the use of good engineering practices by IACIT throughout the process of developing its products and systems.

The IACIT Specialized Services for R&D and Innovation are customizable, flexible and aim to meet a wide range of needs, from the execution of specific phases of the project life cycle to comprehensive, end-to-end development of large solutions.

With over a decade of experience in Research, Development and Innovation, IACIT offers its team of professionals a dynamic and creative environment that constantly stimulates knowledge and innovation. This results in a team capable of searching innovative and disruptive ideas, that is prepared to meet the most complex and challenging technological projects, transforming great challenges into great solutions.

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