OTH 0100 Over-the-Horizon Radar

By looking over the horizon and offering a wider and more effective range of maritime surveillance, IACIT was motivated to develop the OTH 0100 (Over the Horizon) Radar technology, which ensures greater efficiency and reduced costs for monitoring EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones).

IACIT's OTH 0100 is the first Over-the-Horizon Radar developed, installed, and operating in South America, and one of the few existing in the world capable of tracking non-cooperative vessels at a distance of up to 200 MN (Nautical Miles) from the coast.

One of the system's main characteristics is the ability to track non-cooperative vessels, which do not transmit AIS (Automatic Identification System) signals, providing information on geolocation and displacement of the so-called “ghost ships.”

Among its various applications, the system is a key tool to prevent crimes such as piracy, product smuggling, drug and human trafficking, monitoring of hostile forces, espionage, environmental crimes, and preservation of the EEZ’s natural wealth.

The OTH 0100 Radar has the transmission and reception systems in the same installation area. The reception system uses a circular formation of antennas, guaranteeing adequate target detection and high directivity, and a unique efficiency in removing the effects of interference from ionospheric signals to the system.

Moreover, the IACIT model, installed at Farol de Albardão (RS), uses a reduced installation area, increasing its technical feasibility and results efficiency. This approach is an innovative solution, as the types of radars that are on the market need kilometers of separation between the data transmitter and receiver system.

With the 120º-opening in its transmission system, each OTH 0100 Radar can monitor an area of more than 143,000 km2, thus generating various operational gains and reducing costs in the EEZ monitoring processes. 

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