RCS 0400 – Remote Monitoring and Control of Systems

IACIT’s Telemetry and Remote Control System RCS 0400 was developed to be able to remotely obtain operational control of both equipment and integrated systems by using real-time information.

It is essential for our customers to be able to quickly and effectively identify whether or not their systems and/or infrastructure are operating correctly. This avoids any losses or expenses incurred by having to replace system parts that may have been compromised by the lack of monitoring. It also reduces any potential travel expenditure.

RCS 0400 stores the entire operating history in a database, allowing you to effortlessly monitor how the system behaves. Due to its customizability, it can be easily applied to various scenarios and used to monitor numerous systems. For instance, it is possible to monitor room temperature, room humidity, commercial power grid voltage, UPS, air conditioning system. In other words, this incredible piece of equipment can successfully adapt to almost any system.

RCS 0400 is classified as PED (Strategic Defense Product) by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

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