Manufactured and supplied by IACIT, The Non-Directional Radio Beacon System (NDB) is an air radio navigation aid aimed at providing crucial information to an aircraft pilot at an NDB station. It also provides transmission prefix during navigation, approach and landing procedures in Terminal Control Areas (TMA), and maritime vessels and platforms, all of which are in accordance with current aeronautical rules and regulations.

IACIT's NDB 0200 consists of a Radio Beacon Transmission System which operates from 190 kHz to 550 kHz. Using this output power, the NDB 0200 comfortably meets the standard required coverage. It also utilizes an Antenna Coupler, which is used to both tune and match the antenna impedance by using a 50-ohm-coaxial cable connected to a NDB transmitter. In addition, the beacon boasts an Irradiating System, which is composed of a radiating tower of typical height of 30m, 42m or 72m with a top load.

Other main features are as follows: automatic switching to emergency supply in case of commercial power failure; uninterrupted system operation when switching to emergency power (battery); easy installation, operation, and maintenance; failure indicating modules, and many more. 

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