GBAS - Ground Based Augmentation System

IACIT is one of the few Brazilian companies that is committed to creating and improving new technologies to ensure safer flights. An example of this is the development and production of the GBAS (Ground-Based Augmentation System), a system based on satellite technology (GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System) that provides accurate calculation of an aircraft’s position to guarantee a safe landing. Aimed at improving the accuracy, quality, continuity, and availability of information necessary for  GNSS satellites navigation, GBAS boasts a ground subsystem composed of Distance Reference Stations (RRS), VHF Data Broadcast Station (VDB), Integrity Monitoring Station (IMS), and Processing Base Station (PBS), all of which provide:

    • Locally relevant pseudo-distance corrections; 
    • Provides precise final approach data; 
    • Provides predictive data for the availability of distant sources;
    • Integrity monitoring for GNSS distance sources.

GBAS can support all types of approach, landing, take-off and surface operations, and even en-route and any terminal operations. The system, which uses an ionospheric anomaly monitoring system, follows the standards defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the body responsible for regulating all air navigation aid systems. GBAS allows for curved approaches and landing CAT-I; is equipped with a System Integrity Monitor; provides automated alerting and diagnostic systems; has 04 (four) reference stations and GNSS satellites Signal Quality Monitor (QMS); it allows for in-field software updates and upgrades to new hardware technologies; and it is equipped with both local and remote maintenance terminals to speed up any maintenance process. The GBAS system also offers a noise reduction function, flight time and fuel saving technology, and the ability to source more efficient routes. Furthermore, as the system is digital, it is possible to enable new routes much faster than previously possible using only the system configuration.

IACIT's GBAS is already operational, having been tested and installed in Pindamonhangaba (SP), from where it has been producing uninterrupted data for 24 hours a day for over a year.

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