Technologies developed by IACIT contribute to advances in meteorology

Company invests in product research and development

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As Meteorology Week at IACIT comes to an end, we highlight the contributions made by the company to advances in this field in Brazil. Since 2008, IACIT has been developing products and technological solutions to meet the rising demand for meteorological services and products in the private sector and military.

“The company invests considerably in research and development, focusing on state-of-the-art technology products and solutions”, says meteorologist Cristiano Wickboldt Eichholz, GIS analyst at IACIT.

One of the results of this investment is the increased prominence of IACIT on the global market. Notable meteorological products in the company's portfolio include the RMT 0200, a solid-state S-band dual polarization weather radar, and the WEBRADAR System.

The RMT 0200 is one of the world’s most modern and efficient radars. The solid-state technology ensures increased flexibility, added logistics capacity, lower operating costs, and improved safety for operators and the environment.

WEBRADAR integrates information generated by radars, satellites, sensors, meteorological stations and other networks, improving the quality of operational forecasting. IACIT currently develops WEBRADAR for the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), increasing the level of flight safety and efficiency.

“We are constantly updating and researching, studying the latest scientific papers. We translate this knowledge into applications tailored to our clients’ specific needs”, says Cristiano.

 Meteorologist Cristiano Wickboldt Eichholz, GIS analyst at IACIT

Cristiano holds a post-doctorate degree in Meteorology and had extensive experience in academia and research before joining the company at the beginning of 2021. “Each meteorologist specializes in a particular field. Some like research, others operational meteorology, or algorithm and meteorological model development. All these jobs are important to society.”

According to Cristiano, few people understand the vital importance of meteorology for various areas of human activity.

IACIT’s newest meteorologist, Raniele Pinheiro, agrees with Cristiano. “At the beginning of my degree, I thought the same as most of the population: that meteorology is just weather forecasting. Most people do not realize how much this science affects our daily lives, whether in air travel or planning for planting and harvesting the crops we buy at markets and supermarkets.”

Raniele has been with the company for eight months. “Here I have the opportunity to apply the knowledge I acquired during my degree and learn from fellow meteorologists and professionals from other departments. Although we work together on a daily basis, I see them as “tutors” and I seek to absorb the experience they have in the area. It’s a constant learning process”, says Raniele.

Meteorologist Raniele Pinheiro, analyst at IACIT

The aim of Meteorology Week at IACIT was to spotlight the importance of meteorology and how technological advances in this area affect human activities and help protect lives. The first article in the series presented data from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and traced the evolution of meteorology; the second outlined advances in natural disaster monitoring and the challenges faced by the National Center for Monitoring and Early Warning of Natural Disasters (CEMADEN), while the third looked at the work of the Integrated Center for Aeronautical Meteorology (CIMAER).

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