IACIT hosts delegation of more than 30 military attachés

Brazil is a worldwide reference in research and technologies developed for this industry

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Delegation formed by 33 attachés
Delegation formed by 33 attachés - Foto: IACIT

On October 7th, IACIT was visited by a delegation of 33 attachés from different countries and authorities from the Ministry of Defense (MD) and Seprod (Secretary of Defense Products).

The purpose of the meeting was to show the attachés the national technologies which can be used by other countries in the areas of defense and security. Brazil is a worldwide reference in research and technologies being developed for this sector.

Visitors were received at IACIT headquarters, in São José dos Campos city, by CEO Luiz Teixeira and they also visited the company's facilities.

The Director of Marketing and Sales at IACIT, Gustavo de Castro Hissi, showcased to the attachés the projects and technologies developed by the company, such as the Weather Radar RMT 0200, which is the latest release by IACIT and the first Solid-State Dual Polarization S-Band Weather Radar built in Brazil.

For Brigadier General Himário Brandão Trinas, Deputy Head of International Affairs at the Ministry of Defence, the visit was important, not only for the commercial aspect between the countries, but also to show the power of the national defense industry; a context in which IACIT participates.

"The attachés had the opportunity to see this capability, especially in the area of ​​radar, with the use of this dual technology focused on Defense, but also on the catastrophes prevention and several other challenges the company can help to solve", said the General.


The delegation included attachés from Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Ecuador, United States, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam.


At the end of the event, the CEO of IACIT received a coat of arms handed by the Ministry of Defense, represented by the South Korean attaché, Lieutenant Colonel Myung Joo Shin. The Lieutenant thanked the welcoming, highlighted the strength of the Brazilian industry and praised the performance of IACIT in this scenario by reinforcing how much the company contributes to the Brazil and the world development, as its products can be used by all other countries.