RMT 0200

RMT 0200 Weather Radar SAT is successfully completed

Cemaden validates the tests carried out on the IACIT radar, the first Solid-State Dual Polarization S-Band manufactured in Brazil

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RMT 0200 Weather Radar
RMT 0200 Weather Radar

The SAT (Site Acceptance Test) of the RMT 0200 Weather Radar was successfully carried out on the July 13th and 14th 2021, in São José dos Campos city (SP state/Brazil). The radar manufactured by IACIT is the first Solid-State Dual Polarization S-Band manufactured in Brazil and is among the most advanced ones worldwide. 

The tests were carried out by engineers and meteorologists, and the results were validated by the researcher Carlos Frederico de Angelis, from Cemaden (National Center for Monitoring and Alerting of Natural Disasters), a research unit of the MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation).

SAT aims to verify that all characteristics, specifications and performance of an equipment or product are in accordance with what it was designed for.

RMT 0200 located in São José dos Campos city will provide Cemaden with data on severe meteorological phenomena. Based on this information, the center will be able to anticipate disaster risk alerts.

“RMT 0200 Radar exceeded the expectations of everyone who followed the tests. It was excellent. And as this is the first Solid-State Weather Radar manufactured by IACIT, the SAT’s success takes on even greater significance. We have achieved our goal, we have mastered a technology which only few countries have mastered”, said engineer Fernanda Menezes, Director of Engineering, Research and Development at IACIT.

During the two days of SAT, both the specific parameters of each part of the equipment and the final product were evaluated, which means, the quality of the meteorological data which will be provided to Cemaden. In addition to the features and functionalities of the RMT 0200, the software platform, which sets up, monitors, and controls the radar operation was also analyzed.

“The results were positive for all the tests, we closed it with a golden key”, concludes Fernanda.

The IACIT engineers Divaldo Lopes, Luciano Beraldo and Erivelto de Castro also participated of the SAT.

Learn more about the RMT 0200 Solid-State Dual Polarization S-Band Weather Radar here: https://bit.ly/3eMsMBr


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