RMT 0200: contribution to society and to national technological autonomy

Radar developed by IACIT and deployed in São José dos Campos

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By Luiz Teixeira*

The history of São José dos Campos city is highlighted by entrepreneurial initiatives which guided its trajectory and defined it as one of the major technological poles in Brazil and worldwide.

For 35 years IACIT has been proud to be part of this history.

And this July, when São José dos Campos celebrates 254 years, we achieved another important strategic milestone for our company, for our city and for Brazil: the inauguration of the RMT 0200 Solid-State Dual Polarization S-Band Weather Radar.

We deployed the radar in São José dos Campos city (São Paulo state, Brazil) through a partnership with Cemaden (National Center for Monitoring and Alerting on Natural Disasters), a research unit of the MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation). Launched on July 1st, the RMT 0200 has successfully completed its Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

The system performance developed by IACIT in the SAT tests exceeded all expectations. The result successfully crowned an extensive engineering work.

Our team proved, once again, our slogan "People and Technology Building the Future" actually guides our activities.

We develop technologies that contribute to society and towards the technological autonomy of our country. And RMT 0200 is an example of that.

Through the Cemaden partnership, the system manufactured by IACIT will be used in the work of preventing natural disasters in a radius of approximately 400 kilometers, starting from São José dos Campos. The coverage includes a large part of the São Paulo state, in addition to dozens of municipalities in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states which are within this area.

The weather radar has applications to other key areas to the country, such as Air Traffic Control, Civil Defense, Agriculture, Water Resources Management, Energy, and Research & Development Centers, for instance

In addition to wide coverage, the system developed by IACIT provides accurate information in real time, so managers can make assertive decisions, reducing risks and negative impacts on society as a whole. It means saving financial and material resources and, above all, preserving lives.

So far, the few Weather Radars being recently acquired to operate at the Brazilian territory - by public or private companies – have been imported, which creates technical-operational dependency of foreign companies. And the Covid-19 pandemic showed us, painfully, the serious consequences technological dependence causes to the country: at a moment of conflict of interests, the country which owns the technology has autonomy to decide how to use and prioritize its resources.

The IACIT’s purpose is to produce technology and solutions for national autonomy, placing Brazil at the technological forefront worldwide. And we have successfully fulfilled our mission.


*Luiz Teixeira is CEO of IACIT, a technology solutions company headquartered in São José dos Campos, which in May 2021 completed 35 years of activities

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