35 years

IACIT, 35 years of history

Luiz Teixeira, CEO of the company, recalls the trajectory and highlights the support of employees, clients and suppliers

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Luiz Teixeira, CEO of the company
Luiz Teixeira, CEO of the company

“In May 2021, IACIT completed 35 years of activities. For the second consecutive year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to celebrate the company's anniversary in person, alongside our employees, partners, suppliers and clients.

But I cannot fail to express my gratitude to everyone who has built the future of IACIT with us and to everyone who has somehow contributed to its success story, helping us to overcome challenges and crises since 1986.

As I always say, IACIT was born from a dream. A dream which emerged when I realized we could contribute to the development of technologies for the autonomy of the country in the ​​Defense and Security area.

At that moment, Brazil was going through a major political transition, a time of economic and structural uncertainties, but this initial scenario only strengthened us to overcome the crises which emerged in the future.

We took the dream out of the ideas field. We defined the principles which would guide our activities and thus, with a team committed to our values, IACIT was born in São José dos Campos, a city recognized worldwide as a technology center and a pole of innovative professionals.

With a team committed to our ideology, we grew. Today, IACIT is among the main national companies in the Defense area, we develop state-of-the-art technological solutions, we offer services and products of the highest quality, we have expanded our national market and we are on the way to global operations.

We have everything for a promising future: highly qualified professionals, technological know-how constantly renewed with investments in research and development of new products, and a committed team which shares knowledge and is motivated in the face of new challenges.

And along with our team, clients, partners and suppliers we renew every year the strength of that dream which birthed IACIT. We will continue advancing and overcoming obstacles, always guided by our values: Quality, Innovation, Personal Valuation, Confidence, Vision of the future, Flexibility.

Thank you very much to everyone who walked by our side in these 35 years of history!”

Luiz Teixeira, CEO of the company

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