Any system set up in an isolated or remote area without on-site teams requires real-time monitoring to ensure continual success, and IACIT has developed dedicated solutions for this increasing demand. One of them is the Telemetry and Remote Control System RCS 0400, an original IACIT creation which can obtain all necessary operational control of equipment and/or integrated systems by providing real-time information. This system also provides a running history of any and all actions, be they monitored or executed, as well as any record of alarms, management reports, and situational awareness. RCS 0400 can be applied to various different scenarios such as:

    • Air Navigation Aid (DME, ILS, D-VOR, NDB, Luminous Aids)

    • Uninterrupted power systems (generators, UPS, USCAS)

    • Shelter infrastructure (air conditioning, temperature, intrusion, humidity)

    • Electromechanical systems (rotary joints, motors, actuators)

    • IT assets (switches, routers, links)

    • Complex systems monitoring (Radar, RADMET, ADS-B)



Being able to effortlessly identify whether or not systems and infrastructure are operating correctly is a huge operational gain, as it can eradicate any need to replace system parts that can be damaged by a lack of monitoring.  Another financial benefit is that this system reduces costs incurred from any physical travelling that would normally be required by a team or its members. IACIT’s Telemetry System offers incredible cost-efficiency monitoring by simply combining all the necessary information and then transmitting this information via a data link that is sent directly to the customer's server. This data provides every user with the possibility to make the best decision, every time. 



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