Research, Development and Innovation

As one of the main players in the technology market, IACIT is constantly enhancing its ability to offer the best solutions to its customers. To satisfy our desire to evolve, since 2008 IACIT has been utilizing its Research, Development & Innovation Engineering Department (EPDI), a department responsible for continuing progress in the search for technological solutions. This excellence of its work is not only shown by the expertise found in their R&D projects, but also in the certificates that the company has been awarded with, which include the CMMI certification* Maturity excellent engineering practices. IACIT’s specialized services for R&D and Innovation are customizable, fluid, and able to satisfy a wide range of complicated needs, from the execution of specific phases of the life cycle in a single project, to comprehensive, end-to-end large solutions development.

With over a decade of experience in Research, Development, and Innovation, IACIT provides its team of professionals with a dynamic and creative environment that constantly stimulates knowledge and innovation. This results in a team capable of creating innovative and disruptive ideas, a team prepared to meet the most complex and challenging technological projects and transform great challenges into great solutions.

*(Capability Maturity Model Integration)



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