One of IACIT’s main areas of knowledge is meteorology. Our expertise in this field has been successfully applied to numerous aspects of Brazilian life - such as agriculture, city safety, and aerospace - and also used to develop technological solutions for the civil and military sectors.

As one of the companies with a rich history of investing in Research and Development, IACIT’s meteorology-based products are based on the study and use of a variety of concepts, ranging from ‘the internet of things’ and industry 4.0, to artificial intelligence and SWIM (System-Wide Information Management).

IACIT is widely known for the development of Nowcasting systems, a series of systems based on the concept of 4D forecasting and applied to the SWAP (Severe Weather Avoidance Plan). It is used to collaborate with air traffic management in Brazil, providing controllers with accurate information to identify airspace that may be dangerous to passing aircraft.

Among the various technologies developed by IACIT, RMT 0200 Dual Polarization S-Band Doppler Weather Radar stands out as one of the most modern radars in the world, which, among the various impressive functionalities and characteristics, has a 100% solid-state transmission.

All of IACIT's weather solutions are completely flexible to the customers' needs, from turnkey projects for meteorological data sensing systems, to software systems that process and disseminate critical information for decision-making.





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