Defense and Public Security

Through over 35 years of professional history, our efficiency, commitment, and honesty has resulted in one of our greatest achievements: Certification as a Strategic Defense Company (EED), granted by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense. Our substantial contribution to the Armed Forces is sustained by our use of the highest level of technology to provide the best solutions available to our greatest partners.

IACIT has a great portfolio of successfully implemented products in the Defense and Public Security areas, all of them aligned to the needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces and the whole world. The expertise acquired from this consistently exceptional performance in the defense area is the solid foundation that enables IACIT to offer high-tech solutions that are also applicable for the civilian market.


Regarding maritime protection, IACIT offers radars for the surveillance of large areas, which is an essential tool with which to monitor EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones). In the terrestrial and aerial defense, IACIT is the proud provider of an array of Electronic Countermeasure Systems, which range from protection against unauthorized drones to anti-RCIED (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device) protection. IACIT can also boast exclusive air navigation aid systems which provide invaluable support to Performance-Based Navigation (PBN).

With extensive experience acquired from the development of crucial solutions for the Defense and Public Security segment, IACIT continues to overcome new challenges, making its mark on the worldwide technological evolution.

And we continue to grow, and we continue to learn. Although our considerable experience of developing solutions for the Defense and Public Security segment is impressive, IACIT is determined to overcome new challenges and continue to contribute to the international technological evolution and beyond. 


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