Software Production

Robust, customized systems, made to meet every customer’s specific demands: This is IACIT's promise!

Through the Department of EPS (Software Production Engineering), IACIT develops high-tech systems that offer technically advanced solutions which are still easy to use and modify.

By employing only highly qualified professionals, IACIT has the expertise to produce exceptionally specific software and systems that effortlessly satisfies the most unique scenario. These products significantly optimise our customers' activities and operations, saving time and money every step of the way.

To meet all the quality and process requirements, the company is CMMI certified (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Maturity Level 3 for version 2.0.

When producing software systems, IACIT uses an agile methodology, allowing for staged deliveries that guarantee a faster return on any investment made. These software systems are tailored exclusively for every customers’ needs. Furthermore, by using machine learning during production, IACIT avoids real-time disruptions.


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