Compliance Program

IACIT reaffirms its support for an ethical conduct and the fight against corruption in business, acting in accordance with the legislation in force in Brazil and in the other countries with which it maintains commercial relations, as well as with its internal principles and rules.

The compliance program establishes the anti-corruption procedures and conducts that IACIT must adopt in accordance with Law No. 12,846, 2013.

It defines actions aimed at the prevention, detection, and correction of acts against public administration—whether national or foreign. Preventive measures include, for example, procedures for hiring third parties and training to managers and employees who contact suppliers or customers. It aims to ensure the effective application of the code of ethics, to implement internal mechanisms and procedures for integrity, auditing and encouraging people to report irregularities and illegal acts practiced by employees and representatives of the company.

With the Compliance Program, IACIT provides its employees, partners, third parties, and customers with a Channel for sending suspicious reports of fraud and acts of corruption, ensuring anonymity and complete confidentiality of information.

Principles and Policies (themes) established in IACIT’s Code of Ethics:

• Compliance with the Laws:
All IACIT’s employees, in the exercise of their activities, must always comply with the laws and regulations in force, as well as with the company's internal policies and standards.

• Anti-corruption:
It is not allowed to accept or offer a bribe, facilitation payment, kickback or other improper payments, for any reason, to anyone involved in commercial transactions with IACIT.

• Conflicts of Interest:
Employees must tell IACIT of any potential conflicts of interest in relation to their private affairs and their activities in the company.

• Gifts and Hospitality:
IACIT prohibits its employees and representatives from requesting gifts or hospitality. On the other hand, IACIT recognizes that the occasional acceptance or offer of modest gifts and hospitality can be a legitimate contribution to good business relationships.

Learn more about this subject in IACIT’s Code of Ethics.

• Political Contributions:
No company funds or assets can be used to make contributions to any political party or candidate, whether federal, state or local, in Brazil or abroad.

• Disclosure of the Code of Ethics:
Upon accepting to work with IACIT, each employee or representative becomes responsible for complying with the IACIT’s Code of Ethics.

• Reporting
All IACIT’s employees or representatives have the right to report non-compliance with the IACIT’s Code of Ethics. Reports will be taken seriously and will be investigated quickly and treated with confidentiality.

• Disciplinary Actions:
Any failure to follow the IACIT’s Code of Ethics involving a criminal act may result in a lawsuit after referral to the competent authorities.

• Non-Retaliation Policy:
No retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for complaining, communicating, participating or assisting in the investigation of a suspected violation of the IACIT’s Code of Ethics.




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