Software Production

IACIT provides the market with all its know-how to build custom applications, regardless of their customers line of business. Our Engineering Software Production has processes, methodologies, resources, and utilizing the best practices in the market for the development of customized solutions.

The development process using agile and serves the best project management practices.

Flexibly to tailor to the needs of each customer through the following modes of interaction for the development of the solution:

- Local (on-site) where our experts remain allocated to the customer premises;
- Remote (off-site), where our experts remain on the premises of IACIT and the focal point on the client, make the interface between the client requests and the software factory.

IACIT has a highly qualified team to develop solutions: ASP.NET, PHP, Zend, Java, C, C ++, Delphi, Objective-C, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgree, Oracle, SQLite and others.

The main features of IACIT Software Factory are:

- High precision in scope management, deadlines, risks, quality and costs;
- High productivity, resulting in rapid reduction in the backlog of requests;
- Documentation of traceability assurance with the generated code;
- Best software engineering practices by reusing components and elements;
- Presentation of metrics and indicators of software quality and efficiency;
- Complete infrastructure, including modern laboratories and cutting-edge development tools.

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