Multi-platform Solutions

IACIT's team is able to develop solutions for various platforms.

Currently the portfolio of projects completed and running include systems developed in client-server architectures, back-end and front-end, mobile applications, middleware, drivers, daemons, sites and portals, GIS systems, and others.

Examples of some of the technologies used: ASP.NET, PHP, Zend, Java, C, C ++, C # .NET, Delphi, Objective-C, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgree, Oracle, SQLite.

Software for Critical System & Real Time

IACIT has several Critics systems projects developed for both proprietary products to air navigation aid and for specific products for external customers.

Within the IACIT philosophy for the development of critical systems is considered necessary to ensure full operational reliability.

To achieve this goal IACIT offers specialized tools and methodologies to ensure maximum availability, reliability, safety and security to the systems.

There are several reasons for that confidence is of fundamental importance: