Software Production

IACIT provides the market with all its know-how to build custom applications, regardless of their customers line of business. Our Engineering Software Production has processes, methodologies, resources, and utilizing the best practices in the market for the development of customized solutions.

The development process using agile and serves the best project management practices.

Flexibly to tailor to the needs of each customer through the following modes of interaction for the development of the solution:

Drivers & Interfaces

It is essential for any computer system to build a human-machine interface (HMI) user friendly , as this is part of the computer system and determines how people operate and control it. When an interface is well designed, it is understandable and acceptable and manageable.

One of the IACIT areas of expertise is the development of HMI. Importantly, an HMI is not just limited to the visual character of its graphical interface, but also its ability to interoperate with computer systems. This involves the collection, interpretation, data presentation and interactive features.

Fusion & Data Integration

The Data fusion is the data integration process and knowledge from various sources uncorrelated that represent or refer to the same real-world object.

This technique can be applied to different segments and product types such as: Weather, Defence and Business Intelligence.

The result is a unique representation, consistent, synchronized, precise and useful object.

In this area IACIT has a team node by scientists and engineers, which has many years of experience in analysis and data fusion, working in research and development, including extensive experience in: