Project Management

Companies are increasingly turning to good project management practices by looking for better results, being on their investments, improving competitiveness, controlling and reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving processes and even seek differentiation in innovating market.

For the assumptions that economically have enabled the project to become true, it is necessary that investment count on professionals with the best techniques, tools and methodologies to ensure an effective and efficient manner, the management of resources and achievement of the objectives as planned.

IACIT invests in the qualification of its professionals with PMP certification, and methodological basis of the best practices of PMI, indispensable for the achievement of project management excellence, is the implementation of IACIT products as well as the integration of various solutions to its partners and suppliers.

IACIT project managers, which have extensive experience in managing complex and critical projects, are able to organize, plan, track and act in preventive and corrective manner in order to achieve the planned project objectives on time and budget .

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