IACIT receive visit of CISCEA

Last Tuesday (11/07), we had the honor to receive the illustrious visits of Brigadier Sérgio Roberto de Almeida (President of CISCEA) and Colonel Rubem Muller Schneider (Vice-President of CISCEA).

During the visit  was presented the main projects executed by IACIT, current capabilities and perspectives in the development of solutions focused on airspace control and safety,  in addition to a tour in IACIT headquarters and factory facilities.

FAB receives 1st Operation and Maintenance Training of the new IACIT DME System

From May 29th to June 9th, the graduation of the 1stClass qualified to operate and maintain the New DME System of IACIT - DME 0200.

The training, held at the IACIT headquarters in São José dos Campos, was given by IACIT instructors César Augusto, Euclides Pimenta and Marco Rodrigues.

The first group of attendees was composed of official members of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), appointed by CISCEA (from CINDACTA I, DTCEA-BR,DTCEA-BQ, PAME-RJ and SRPV-SP) in addition to updating the IACIT operational technical team.



There was a time when being in the middle of something, a position, a place or even an opinion, was not a bad place. Whether you were in the middle of your class ranking or if you were in the middle of a queue of people, was already better than being at the end, although not as good as being the first.