OTH 0100 - Over-the-Horizon Radar

Security system that detects targets on the sea surface over the horizon.

The Radar OTH 0100 IACIT has the ability to track vessels beyond 200 MN (Nautical Miles) away from the coast, beyond the direct line of sight from conventional radars.

Its transmission system uses pulse shape-wave Doppler with parameters defined by software. Using the spotlight radar concept, its angular transmission beam provides simultaneous cover 120 ° in azimuth. The reception uses a circular formation of vertical antennas, providing coverage throughout the industry for multiple azimuth beam, digitally formed in the signal processor. Each receiving antenna is connected to a digital high sensitivity receiver responsible for sending the digitized signals to the central processing system.

The annular antenna system guarantees proper detection of targets and high directivity, and a unique efficiency in removing ionospheric effects of interference signals to the system.

The Radar OTH 0100 IACIT has digital processing architecture, added to a sophisticated software with Digital processing Beamforming (DBF) that allows the suppression of different interference occurring in the HF frequency range as ionospheric interference, noise generated by man and communication interference providing better detection and monitoring of targets.

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