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Brazil joins a selected group of countries that have such technology, with Australia, Canada, United States, China, United Kingdom and Russia

Brazil has an extensive maritime area, with 4.5 million square kilometers of coastline. In addition to the coastal perimeter, the area called Amazônia Azul extends over an area of 350 nautical miles, or 648 km offshore, and 200 nautical miles around the oceanic islands.

Through the waters of the Brazilian coast cargo transportation is done, moving much of the economy. To get an idea, 95% of the Brazilian foreign trade circulates through Amazônia Azul, 91% of the oil and 73% of the natural gas produced in the country are extracted. It is also in this region that submarine cables are installed, responsible for part of the national communication system.

To collaborate with the protection of our riches, IACIT has developed the first OTH (Over The Horizon) Radar of South America. Installed in the Southern region of Brazil, in Farol de Albardão (RS), the system is already operational and presenting the first monitoring results of the brazilian seas.

With the system in operation, Brazil joins a selected group of countries that have such technology. Only Australia, Canada, the United States, China, the United Kingdom and Russia have similar systems. The OTH radar is able to monitor vessels located up to 200 nautical miles away from the coast, capturing the richness of the Brazilian seas within the national jurisdiction.

The OTH radar is essential for detecting vessels that do not transmit AIS signals, known as “noncooperative vessels.”



It has been about five years since the beginning of studies to date. With the involvement of more than 50 professionals, who worked in the various development phases of OTH radar - assembly of infrastructure to receive the radar, technology development, systems implementation, calibrations and more.

IACIT was also responsible for bringing satellite communication to the region, electricity, housing reforms to accommodate the teams.

The Farol do Albardão site is located more than 130 kilometers of beach, from the nearest town, in Praia do Cassino.

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The company has developed the project in partnership with IAI and with the support of the Brazilian Navy
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