IACIT launches OTH radar at FIDAE 2018

The company has developed the project in partnership with IAI and with the support of the Brazilian Navy

Installed in the Southern region of Brazil, in Farol de Albardão (RS), the first OTH (Over The Horizon) radar in South America will be launched during FIDAE 2018. IACIT, a well-established Brazilian company developing high technological products and services, is responsible for the development of this system, which involved a partnership with  ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), and received the support of the Brazilian Navy. FIDAE 2018 takes place in Santiago (Chile) from April 3 to8.

IACIT will be at the Brazil Pavilion (Pavilhão Brasil) coordinated by the Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association (ABIMDE) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Agency(Apex-Brasil).

The project has involved five years of work. Over the course of 2017, the teams involved in it made calibration and validation tests of system data. Today, the OTH radar is fully ready and operational to start monitoring and surveilling the maritime borders of Brazil.

Strategically installed at the Southern coast of Brazil, the OTH radar is able to monitor vessels located up to 200 nautical miles away from the coast, capturing the richness of the Brazilian seas within the national jurisdiction. The OTH radar is essential for detecting vessels that do not transmit AIS signals, known as “non cooperative vessels.”

Defense and Security

Also operating in the defense and security segments, IACIT will present its DRONEBlocker at FIDAE, a solution for protection against drones. DRONEBlockeris ideal for industrial complexes and sites strategic for security, preventing the access of criminals to confidential data and business routines.

Air Navigation

IACIT will also be showcasing its DME 0200 (Distance Measuring Equipment), a radionavigation aid system already in operation in 3 airports. The company will provide 33 more systems to the Brazilian Air Force,to be installedalong the Eastern strip of the country, ensuring the coverage of part of the national territory.

DME 0200 utilizes a triangulation principle for determining the position of a vessel with an acceptable accuracy level forperformance-based navigation (PBN) in a terminal area (TMA).


NeuralCAST and RouteCAST represent the avant-garde for navigation support and air traffic control, being aligned with the performance-based navigation (PBN) concept. Both solutions operate along with the Meteorology Network of the Aeronautics Command for providing weather forecast support to air traffic operators.

NeuralCAST is a system that employs artificial neural networks trained for generating information about meteorological trends related to ceiling, visibility, the occurrence of wind gusts, and wind direction and speed, for a horizon up to 3 hours, using data from the airdrome stations.

RouteCAST identifies the volume or area of the air space under the effect of meteorological occurrences that can present risk to en-route aircrafts such as Cumulonimbus (Cb) clouds, allowing the monitoring of severe events and predicting their movement for a forecast of up to 30 minutes. The system employs as sources meteorological radars and atmospheric electrical discharge sensors.

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