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NEURALCAST is a system that uses artificial neural networks to generate weather trends ceiling of information, visibility, occurrence of wind, wind speed and direction, a horizon of up to three hours, using information from the aerodrome own stations.

Based on a ten-year database of climatological information, an extensive scientific research was carried out which resulted in the training of artificial neural networks, whose purpose is to make the prediction of meteorological parameters of interest of aerodromes.

The system has a web interface where users can directly access the graphics trends and make entries to receive automatic alerts when trends indicate that the airfield can enter or leave operating restriction.



ROUTECAST is a system whose goal is to identify the volume or area of ​​the airspace under the influence of weather formations that may present a risk to aircraft en route, such as cumulonimbus (CB) clouds, allowing monitoring of severe events and providing your shift a projection of up to 30 minutes. The system uses as a source of weather radar data and atmospheric lightning sensors. To develop this system,

IACIT featured a vast know-how in meteorology radar and short-term warning systems; we also invested further in two own weather radar, being a Band-S (the same model used by SISCEAB network) and a mobile Band-X, to assist in the creation of computer models responsible for the processing of data generated by radar scans.

In ROUTECAST, severe events are displayed georefenrenciada way on a map, through its web interface, and is automatically provided to external systems such as air traffic control, aircraft flow management and other systems.

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