Manufacture and Tests


IACIT offers a complete manufacturing solution, starting from product development, through the purchase of materials and components, production, packaging, quality control, to delivery of the finished product, aiming to meet the needs of its customers to produce the most diverse types of products and systems.  IACIT manufacturing solution further comprising providing to its customers a technical support facility with extensive knowledge in electronics and mechanics.

IACIT has ISO 9001-2008 certification and follows good manufacturing practices, which adds reliability to their processes and methods used, ensuring the quality of products it manufactured.


All manufactured products undergo a rigorous testing procedure in IACIT laboratory, which has an extensive list of test instruments and measures, enabling test systems, equipment, modules and parts.

Our structure is flexible and provides:

- Customization of Gigas tests;

- Generation and simulating various scenarios;

- Analysis and reporting.

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