Engineering, Research and Development

The Search Engineering, Development & Innovation Service is a complete solution consisting of exclusive services to support our customers in all areas of knowledge and phases of the research process, development and innovation of its products, which is based on experience accumulated over by IACIT the years of its operations in the sector.

Key Areas:


The IACIT has on extensive experience in various development environments for running:

- Development of Electronic Design and Circuit Layouts who hold using the RF Digital Signal Processing technology, Analog, Power, etc;
- Development of Mechanical Projects;
- Electronic Design Simulation containing technologies such as FPGA, DSP, ADC, DAC, etc;
- Mechanical Design Simulation;
- Simulation of 3D layouts and
- Simulation of Electromechanical Projects.


IACIT has great "know-how" in integration and system testing, equipment, modules and parts. Our professionals are able to:

- Customize Gigas tests;
- Generate and simulate various types of signs;
- Analyzing and issuing reports regarding response curves, spectral behavior, etc;
- Develop interfaces for integration and performance of tests and
- Develop GUI.


The NBR has IACIT IS0 9001-2008 and CMMI DEV / 2 certifications, which demonstrate the maturity of its processes and methodologies, high degree of qualification of its technical staff, quality management, documentation generation and SW's tools, which are applied efficiently to the research and development of advanced technologies. Some activities of this area are:

- Implementation of the Product Tree;
- Requirements management, in a systematic way;
- Product documentation;
- Versions and fault management;
- Customization, implementation and auditing and
- Consulting certification processes, security analysis and
- Others.


The IACIT has great "know-how" in developing software solutions for complex embedded and critical systems. Some of practice areas:

- SW development for microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA, and others;
- Implementing protocols, encryption, and interface devices and
- Implementation RTOS platforms, Windows and Linux.


The IACIT has great "know-how" in developing solutions that require high volume and variety of signal processing.

Some of practice areas:

- Digital Signal Processing with high sample rate;
- Implementation Controllers and Drivers (ADC, DAC, Flash memory, DDR, etc.);
- Implementation of means of communication (SPI, I2C, UART, RS232, RS485, Ethernet);
- Implementation filters (FIR, IIR, etc.);
- Execution of matrix operations and stochastic filtering (Kalman filter, Monte Carlo);
- VHDL and processing software (Nios) and
- Others.

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