ELM 2022 – Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar

ELM 2022 radar - Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar

The ELM Radar 2022 is the newest radar multimode airborne maritime surveillance to be manufactured in Brazil by IACIT.

The ELM Radar 2022 provides the best solution and value for money, multiplying the potential for operational missions such as:

• ASuW / ASW / coastal combat operations;
• fisheries surveillance and patrols in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ);
• drug surveillance operation;
• Coast Guard and Fisheries Patrol;
• Location and search and rescue support.

The hardware has a modular design, flexible avionics interfaces and antenna own design, ensuring easy installation in a wide variety of fixed-wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft, such as UAVs, helicopters, transport aircraft and business jets.

The ELM Radar 2022 shares a high degree of similarity with the ELM 2032 fire control radar, thus enabling Ar-Ar modes of operation.

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