Drivers & Interfaces

It is essential for any computer system to build a human-machine interface (HMI) user friendly , as this is part of the computer system and determines how people operate and control it. When an interface is well designed, it is understandable and acceptable and manageable.

One of the IACIT areas of expertise is the development of HMI. Importantly, an HMI is not just limited to the visual character of its graphical interface, but also its ability to interoperate with computer systems. This involves the collection, interpretation, data presentation and interactive features.

The professionals have extensive experience in IACIT conception, design and adaptation of interfaces to different operational needs, ensuring that systems are able to provide a clear, simple and objective information of interest to operators.

Among the main features of the HMI IACIT systems are:

- Highly customizable solutions;
- Multi-Protocol (Bacnet, Modbus, DNP 3.0, IEC61850, SNMP, NBR14522, MTConnect, DeviceNet, Canbus, Profibus, Profinet, IEC60870, etc.)
- HW & SW supervision systems;
- Automated warnings and alarms;
- Multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.).

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